Welcome to TAMU Math Circle 2016-2017!

IMG_2338 IMG_2333 We meet at the second floor of the Blocker Building, Room 220, on the Texas A&M Campus from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. New to this year, there will be an optional problem-solving session following the standard math circle activities.

The next and last meeting of the Fall 2016 semester will be on Dec 10th, 2016.

Math circle schedule:

2-4 pm – Weekly interactive activities.

4-5 pm – Problem solving session (optional):

  • Advanced Problem Solving, BLOC 202, Prof. Zhizhang Xie,
  • Intermediate Problem Solving, BLOC 203, Prof. Guoliang Yu,
  • Beginner Problem Solving, grades 7-8, BLOC 246, Dr. Kun Wang,
  • Beginner Problem Solving, grades 5-6, BLOC 205B, Amudhan Krishnaswamy-Usha, with help from David Sykes and Jintao Ding.
Date Beginner Intermediate Advanced
9/17/16 Ola Sobieska Even and Odd Numbers Dr. Ali Bicer & Dr. Sandra Nite Dilutions Philip Yasskin Axiomatic FInite Geometries
9/24/16 Philip Yasskin Trapezoid Numbers Philip Yasskin Trapezoid Numbers Maurice Rojas Gift Boxes, Mongoose in the Middle, and Secret Codes
10/1/16 David Kerr “Wait, was I supposed to turn left or right?” Riad Masri Explorations with Prime Numbers Zoran Sunic Random Walks and Search Engines
10/8/16 Dr. Robert Capraro Counting Cows & 3 Bean Salad Dr. Mary Margaret Capraro Locker Problem, Arithmagons, Magic Squares Dr. Luciana Barroso & Dr. Sandra Nite Exploring Lung Capacity
10/15/16 Tamara Carter CLUE in the Math Department Jens Forsgaard The a+b+ab Problem Kim Currens & Dr. Sandra Nite Modeling Sound Waves with Periodic Functions
11/5/16 Eviatar Procaccia Platonic and Archemidean Solids Parth Sarin Volodymyr Nekrashevych HS Contest Power Team Exam
11/19/16 Alex Sprinston Design of Combinational Circuits Using Boolean Algebra R. Saravanan Hash functions, Cryptography Peter Kuchment Amazing Efficiency of Mathematics in Sciences and Engineering
12/3/16 Philip Yasskin Domino Circles Tamara Carter CLUE in the Math Department Konrad Wrobel Distinct Distances in the Plane


The TAMU Math Circle would like to thank The National Science Foundation, The Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation, The Texas A&M University Math Department, and The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for all of their support.