Welcome to TAMU Math Circle 2016-2017!

IMG_2338 IMG_2333 We meet at the second floor of the Blocker Building, Room 220, on the Texas A&M Campus from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. New to this year, there will be an optional problem-solving session following the standard math circle activities.

The next meeting will be held on April 8, 2017.

Math circle schedule:

2-4 pm – Weekly interactive activities.

4-5 pm – Problem solving session (optional):

  • Advanced Problem Solving, BLOC 202, Prof. Zhizhang Xie,
  • Intermediate Problem Solving, BLOC 203, Prof. Guoliang Yu,
  • Beginner Problem Solving, grades 7-8, BLOC 246, Dr. Kun Wang,
  • Beginner Problem Solving, grades 5-6, BLOC 205B, Amudhan Krishnaswamy-Usha, with help from David Sykes and Jintao Ding.
Date Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1/21/17 Kun Wang
Card Games and Combinatorial Problems
Philip Yasskin
Domino Circles
Alexander Engel
Zero-Knowledge Proofs
1/28/17 David Manuel
Tangram Origami
Dean Baskin
Euler Numbers
Volodymyr Nekrasheyvich
A Diophantine Equation and Uniform Tilings
2/4/17 Kun Wang
Penny Problems
Alan Demlow
Philip Yasskin
Domino Circle & Diagonals
2/11/17 Tatiana Erukhimova
Physics Show
Tatiana Erukhimova
Physics Show
Tatiana Erukhimova
Physics Show
2/18/17 Jane Long
A Math Without Words Puzzle
Nick Long
Which One Doesn’t Belong
Nick Long
Which One Doesn’t Belong
2/25/17 Janice Epstein
Magic Squares
Yeong Chung
Maurice Rojas
Counting Lattice Points in Polygons
3/4/17 Philip Yasskin
Unexpected Probabilities
Philip Yasskin
Unexpected Probabilities
Nathan Green
4/8/17 TBA TBA Doug Hensley
4/22/17 TBA TBA TBA
4/29/17 TBA TBA TBA
5/6/17 TBA TBA TBA
5/13/17 TBA TBA TBA


The TAMU Math Circle would like to thank The National Science Foundation, The Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation, The Texas A&M University Math Department, and The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for all of their support.