Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Spring 2017 semester will be held on April 22nd in Blocker 220.

Beginner Group

    Presenter: Maya Johnson
    Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
    Title: Humans vs. Aliens

    Abstract: A group of 6 humans are abducted by aliens in the night. Each of these 6 humans represent one sixth of the human population on the planet. The aliens tell the humans that in the morning they will order them in a single file line and place either a green or a purple hat on top of each person’s head. Each of the humans will then be able to see all of the hats a top the heads of all the persons in front of them, but will not be able to see their own hat or the hats of the people behind them. For example, the very last person in line will be able to see the hats of all five people in front of them, the second to last person can see the hats of all four people in front of them and so on. The aliens say they will then start at the back of the line and ask each person for the color of the hat on their own head. The person is only allowed to answer either green or purple, they are not allowed to say any other words. If the person answers correctly, then that person, along with the one sixth of the population that they represent, will live. However, if they answer incorrectly, the opposite will happen. The aliens are not entirely evil, however, and so they give the humans the night to come up with a strategy. The problem facing the humans is this: what is the optimal strategy? That is, how can they save as many of themselves as possible, thereby saving as much of the human race as possible? There is a strategy that will guarantee the lives of all but one of them, but it requires a brave sacrifice from one of the 6 humans. Of course this human would jump at the chance to save five sixth of the human population, but what is the strategy? Also, what would be the minimum number of humans that would need to make the ultimate sacrifice if there were more than two color options for the hats? Help the humans out smart the aliens and save the human race with Math and logic!

    Interemediate & Advanced Groups

      Presenter: Roger Howe
      Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
      Title: Rules of Arithmetic

      Abstract: We will take a more in-depth look at the Rules of Arithmetic than is usual in school. They have some very important implications for arithmetic, and they can lead to some fun mathematics.

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