Phil Yasskin: Associate Professor of Mathematics, TAMU. Phil runs the Summer Educational Enrichment in Math (SEE-Math) program for gifted middle school students, runs the Brazos Valley Math Teachers Circle and is the Program Director for the MAA Special Interest Group on Math Circles for Students and Teachers (SIGMAA-MCST)
Frank Sottile: Professor of Mathematics, TAMU. Frank started doing mathematics outreach as a postdoc in Toronto in 1995-1998, and has been working with math circles since 2010. He has run activities at circles in Texas, California, and Nigeria.
Alex Sprinston: Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMU. Alex is a CAREER award winner, 2010. Alex gave a series of lectures to Elementary school children on robotics and other engineering subjects.
Guoliang Yu: Powell Chair in Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics, TAMU.  Prof. Yu is ln charge of the problem-solving session. Prof. Yu’s research interests include noncommutative geometry, K-theory of operator algebras, index theory, topology and analysis of manifolds, and geometric group theory.
Michael Sprintson: Michael is an assistant organizer, student in A&M Consolidated high school, and a proud member of the TAMU Math Circle. He is currently enrolled in AP BC Calculus, and wrote this entire bio in the third person.
Parth Sarin: Parth is an assistant organizer. He is a web designer who also works on maintaining the website. He is a student at A&M Consolidated High School, and has completed the mathematics curriculum there.

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